Apr. 18th, 2012

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I got my assessment letter yesterday for the employment and support allowance, i have to go on the 2nd of may :(

luckily it's in the afternoon and it's nearer than wimbledon like last time :/
it's in Guildford. Bens getting the day off to take me.

Unfortuently it's the same day of his fast track course induction, and if he misses it, he has to wait 3 months till the next one. He's been told to apply for other jobs seeing as he's so unhappy there. Apparently some audit lady told his boss that his boss is being let down by his two assistant managers (that's ben and some other guy), in truth it's ben who holds up the store as his boss and the other guy do nothing and leave it all to ben. 

There's a position open in a pet store near to me that's looking for a manager, and i'm encouraging ben to apply for it. I know he hasn't done his course to be a store manager, but god knows he's got the experience. He really needs to get out of there. 

So i'm focussing on helping ben, instead of worrying about this assessment. 

I'm interested to see if they can find me some suitable work, like working from home or irregular hours. 
I'm going with that frame of mind. 

The scent of Thyme carried on the wind,
stings your face into remembering
cruel nature has won again.


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