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right....well, i wrote a better poem for j....coz at the mo, he's blue, but dealing with things, which is good. v v v good. so here it is..

oh its long by the way lol


When the glitter fades
Around your eyes
Where will you be
Where will you go
Who will be there
By your side
Wiping up your tears within

Don't cry to be seen
Would you rather be happy
In the shadow
Or unhappy in crowds of ppl

And under your blemished crown
We see the truth
Your perfection
In your naked soul

Yet you hide
And hide somemore
What's left
Hidden inside
That even you can't

No misconceptions
No lies
Or tales of happiness

Unused tales of love
Seem all to swept up
In years of torment

You hold a song in your heart
The describes a bitter side of you
One of sorrow and pain
But whisper a different tune
And place a skip in your step
Because soon it'll be over
And everything you coulda done
Is lost in one blink of your eye

See the child
See the boy
See the girl
Then see yourself
Standing beside them
And know you have a place
In this world

Your trust has been hanging
On that tree for too long
That wall has been stained
With blood for too many years
Where are the fond memories
Lost in the recesses of your mind

You past is gone
Lost in hurt
In bottles of tears
That youve collected for years
And every year you punish youself
For forgetting that someone
Thought you weren't perfect

But you are
Just look inside
And see
What i see

Because you don't need to be held up
But you can if he wanted to
Because forever
I know
I'll behind your back
Ready to catch you when you fall
When this world gets to much
When the pain gets unbearable
Or your mind falls apart
I'll help you find your pieces

I know
And i still love you.


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