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so...finally got here and life away from home for a few days is fab. and i have been shopping like a mad irish woman. i love irish so dont have a go at me :P. i have managed to get excel saga vol. 5 on dvd also ring 2 on dvd too, all for 5 pounds each, bargain! also i have new fone, its like bucks but a newer version with cam, yay. ermmmm and i cant remeber what else i got. lol but thats typical. oh... i got a nice purple butterfly clip thingie. woop. and i met bucks uncle, who's kool and his wife. and i have just found out that they used to be high school sweethearts, and they got married 3 years ago, how schweeeeet. also today i had j ring buck and we all had a quick chat with him, and i send my love. :) i need to get my new dancemat 2muro when i get home :) ermmm and ive gotta set summin up with sarah and/or ruth to go see madagascar at the cinema in staines. oh yeh and bowling, i met some more of bucks mates and i tlked to buddha and yay, im liked. though i was knackered yesterday and nerly didnt go at all. so yeh i met graham aswell and we got on v v well. ooo just stinky kittied in bucks chair teehheehee. so yeh anyway.....ermm we went to tescos and i got some yums yums. hehehe so all in all fun day :D have made up with peeps aswell.

oh yeh and i accidently sat in bird poop in the norwich city market. on the stone ledge *Embarrased*


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