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so i might be moving into norwich sooner than i thought. im looking at before sept. but still it seems things are moving, monday im going to norwich to see ppl. having a mini holiday. then aug, have holiday somewhere. i know j's busy so i know he probably wouldnt have asked his aunt? gran? either one about the caravan in the middle of no where lol but it doesnt matter.. ME GOING TO SCOTLAND INSTEAD!!! yes, finally it looks like i might be able to go. yay. i loooove scotland. with the sheep...yeee-ahhh. in true farmer fashion. lol. then in september proper house search just me and buck. but yeh, at the mo, its houseshare. maybe with katy and her bf mic, coz he lives in london at the mo....bit like me. but i live outside london. not that far, mind. so woop. seen hundreds, so yeh, ther are some about. ao yay :D. but yeh, tlks will commense on monday. eeeeeeeeee i cant wait

oh and i swallowed by pride and nerves.
knowing im probably gonna get some sort of rejection from this
but ive added claire again of my friends list

some may think im crazy
but i cant help it

again, i ask myself why
she dont like me
neither does mel for some reason aswell

what the hell have i done??
its just like randomly they hate me
i mean ok, fair enough i blocked claire on msn
but that was out of jealousy. coz i was still in love with her
and she was going on about stu all the time
and it got to me
but im deeply in love with buck
v v v v v much

heh, its funny, what katy said...
Melted Charcoal: i miss sarah :( (claimed and engaged to the buck) with buck, we just fit and we tlk about everything and anything for hours on end

Melted Charcoal: i miss sarah :( (claimed and engaged to the buck) :and we share alot in common and he's the most genuine guy i know

·$6~*Fallen*~ ·$#8000FF... -:~DAWN~:-.Defences around Byzantium. ·$#EC00EC| It's unclear about how we met. | lol, i know buck a lil, and i swear you guys are the same! you both get along so well, and you just cant get enough of each other. i love seeing you two together, coz you blatently appreciate each other. i hate couples who fight all the time

true, i do adore the sockpuppet. hehehehehe. so cute. heheeheh.
but yeh i felt happy and kinda guru-ie today. and i...i duno..i was just woke up thinking of todd....its coming up to that time soon. but itll be better this year. mmmmm. and i'll be moved by then. so it eases it better, if im away from surrey. to many memories. not good. drives me crazy.


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