Nov. 5th, 2005 08:24 am
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ok, this will be the last quiz only entry...ish. i know i've changed journals and such...but i feel lonely. and i adore everyone on my list. and it'll just makes things easier, if i stick with this journal :) what you guys think?

>+ Known as: jacy
>+ Lives in: surrey
>+ First Breath: 07/04/1985
>+ School: magna carta
>+ Hair color: ick
>+ Eye color: triple tone
>+ Fears: wasps, dentists and lonliness

>+ Cheated on someone? yeh, but he was a jerk and deserved it
>+ Been Cheated on? yeh, different jerk
>+ Fallen off the bed? ahahahahah, yeh, lots.
>+ broken someone's heart? yeh :( apparently
>+ Had your heart broken? YES, lots of times
>+ Had a dream come true? yeh, i've got buck :D my soulmate
>+ Done something you regret? i'm going with the philosophy, that nothing you do can you regret, because it's all a part of how you live and who you are and mistakes and in life it happens.
>+ Cheated on a test? no

>+ Wearing? rollneck sleevless purple top, striped orage, red, brown and stone hoodie, and my huge flare jeans. so 70's lol
>+ Listening to? some cartoon on tv
>+ Located? in my bedroom
>+ Chatting with? no one :( mikes buggered off somewhere
>+ Watching? some naff action cartoon
>+ Should REALLY be doing? dancing in my nuddy pants :D

>+ Brush your teeth? yeh, trying to take more better care for my teeth now.
>+ Like anybody? i like everybody whether they like me back or not :)
>+ Have any piercing? yeh my ears
>+ Drive? Nope
>+ Drink? Occasionaly
>+ Smoke? occasionaly
>+ Got a pager? No

>+ Who is your best? i have many lol, me lucky
>+ Who do you hate? i only hate one person in this world, and that's james, i swear if you ever met him, you know what i'm going on about.
>+ Who is the shyest? buck can be quite shy
>+ Who is the most talkative? katy lol
>+ Who is the prettiest? j (he's gorge :D)
>+ Who laughs the most? chanty
>+ Who have you known the longest? dani
+ Who have you known the shortest? i spose j, but i feel like i've known him for ages
>+ Who do you miss the most? everyone
>+ Who you go to with personal problems? buck, j, sarah, oh sarah a brilliant person to go to, becasue she's crazy and will make you crazy too lol
>+ Do you hang out with the opposite sex?yep :)
>+ Do you trust your friends? most
>+ Can you keep a secret? no lol, not really lol

>+ Hugged? buck
>+ IMed? Mike
>+ Talked on the phone? buck
>+ Yelled at? mike lol hehehehe

>+ What do you want to be when you grow up? cattery owner and poet :)
>+ What has been the best day of your life? getting purposed to
>+ What comes first in your life? buck and friends :)
>+ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? yeh
>+ What do you usually think about before you go to bed? sleeeeeeeeeep
>+ How many times have you fallen in love? lots lol
>+ Love your family? yeh, though i don't think they love me, by how they act and what they say :(
>+ Love your friends? yep, very much

>+ Movie: at the mo i dunno
>+ Song: duno lol
>+ Groups: cursive, further seems forever, bleed the dream, etc etc
>+ Store: duno, somewhere cheap and kool
>+ Relative: duno
>+ Sport: badminton
>+ Ice Cream: choc chip
>+ Fruit: grapes
>+ Candy: choccy (expensive choccy)
>+ Holiday: Christmas
>+ Day of the Week: friday
>+ Time of day: afternoon
>+ Color: grey
>+ Name for a Girl: jessica
>+ Name for a Boy: gabriel
>+ Quote: the truth will set you free

>+ Like to give hugs? yep
>+ Like to give kisses? yep
>+ Like to walk in the rain? sometimes :)
>+ Prefer black or blue pens? black
>+ Like to travel? yeh
>+ Sleep on your side, tummy or back? side
>+ Think you're attractive? no
>+ Have a goldfish? No
>+ Ever have the falling dream? yeh and it makes me jump myself awake :S
>+ Have stuffed animals? tonnes, i can never get rid of them, i cry :">

>+ Abortion: depends on the circumstances and the women
>+ Smoking: it's bad for you, but it's your choice
>+ Eating Disorders: don't suffer by yourself, tell people and seek help and don't give up getting better. i've been there, i know how hard it is.
>+ Suicide: it's not worth it. it causes more heartache than you know.
>+ Summer: it's ok when it's a comfortable heat, but when it gets too unbearable, then i don't liek it, that and wasps, eurgh. spawn of beezlebub lol
>+ Tattoos: i love tattoos
>+ Piercings: nice :)

>+ Pierced nose or tongue? Nose
>+ Single or taken? Taken
>+ MTV or BET? MTV
>+ 7th Heaven or Dawson's Creek? Dawsons creek I spose as I've never heard of 7th heaven
>+ Sugar or salt? Sugar
>+ Silver or gold? Silver
>+ Chocolate or flowers? choccy
>+ Color or Black-and-white photos? Black and white
>+ Stay up late or sleep in? Sleep in. staying up late is so lonely
>+ Hot or cold? Cold
>+ Sun or moon? moon
>+ Left or Right? left
>+ 10 Acquaintances or one best friend? one best friend, what's the point in having acquaintances if you can't talk properly with them
>+ Mustard or ketchup? ketchup
>+ Spring or Fall? fall
>+ Happy or sad? Happy
>+ Wonder or amazement? wonder, it lasts longer :)
>+ McDonald's or Burger King? maccy d burgers or nuggets and burger king fries :)
>+ Mexican or Italian food? italian
>+ Lights on or off? on, i don't like the dark
>+ Pepsi or Coke? coke


Nov. 2nd, 2005 09:02 pm
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oooo nicked from renna, and i soooo wanna do this. please ppl comment. it'll make my day and you know this :) including insults. but i may be liable to hunt you down and shot you in places where you will suffer for several hours.....:)

Comment with a statement about Mina19. It can be a question, (which she must answer) an insult, or just a description. Be honest and candid. Put this in your journal and see what she says about you...

im fed up

May. 20th, 2005 12:31 am
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and jealous

and i know i sound selfish in this journal, but damn it im gonna rant. it happens time and time again. i dont want to get pissy every time buck goes out with his friends, but in all honesty, im jealous, because whenever that happens im always stuck at home. while hes out having fun with his friends. and then i get mad at him for being depressed coz hes always pestered to go out and blah, no one undertsnads him blah. feel so alone in a crowd, blah, YEH?? FUCKING LIVE AT HOME SINCE YOU'RE SIXTEEN AND HAVE ALL YOUR FRIENDS LEAVE HOME AND NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN. that may have come across as being angry at hime for moaning, but its not. everyone copes in different ways to their own *petty* problems. and yeh i may sound like im the only one allowed to have problems, but fuck it, its my rant i can damn well say what i want to.

i have mr-lost-soul-of-norwich out clubbing with his mates. drinking. being merry with all his looovely friends till 4 in the morning, possibly later......WHILE IM STUCK HERE LISTENING TO MY DAD SNORE AND GIVING DATING ADVICE TO ANDY.

then i have today redhill sso ring me up saying theyve found my form but unfortuently its too late for them to process it....and i need to complete the form over the phone as the one that they sent is practically useless. so i ring up this new claims department, and im left on the phone for 2 hours waiting, i felt like bashing the phone against the wall, finally i get an answer from someone who sounded like she was on drugs, taking details and generally not knowing what the fuck shes going on about, so anyway she said that she needs to get someone else to take more details and theyd call me back, so she starts checking dairies, then lo behold! she calls me back saying that someone will ring me on 31st of may to complete the forms, questions like work, courses, volunteer work, i couldve saved her the trouble right ther and then, IVE DONE BUGGER ALL FOR YEARS COZ IM SICK YOU DUMB ARSE FUCKER!!!!

then i ring buck and he plays silly buggers and tried to do a prank on me by making me think i had dialled the wrong number.....*raised eyebrow* not a wise mood. i could hear him gulping through the phone to me. he knew what was coming, the rant about the crappy day...oh but i havent told you all about it yet... oh no, thers more. this is your ultimate shitty day coming to you.

yeh so anyway after the rant to buck i had my mother pop her head round my door, shame it werent through, but maybe some other day maybe. and say that she forgot to buy my chicken burgers so thers only this old mouldy weight watchers microwavable shepherds pie. it looks and taste worse than economy versions from any shop know to humainty. my cat wouldnt eat i dragged mum out, i think one look of my face and she was not the day to disagree with me. especiall with new neighbours next door.

so in sainsburys got vimto, yum, then found the masses of ques EVERYWHERE!!! so i had to weight in a line for the baskets, with just one item while ppl in front had whole basket fulls overflowing with junk. then one of them turned around and said hi, it was emily from nacro. i think i scared her with my cynicism of todays events and actually this years events. summed up in 4 words: IVE BEEN TO HELL!!!

and im still in a bad mood. i tried rining buck but he couldnt hear me in his looovely club he was in with all his mates. i felt likecrying out of lonliness. and he wouldnt shut up. and then i tried ringing mike, but he wouldnt pick up, tried ringing sarah, same dealy. so now, imtlking to andy and mike. *sigh*
its like these nights where i start thinking about commiting myself into an ayslum.


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