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so...finally got here and life away from home for a few days is fab. and i have been shopping like a mad irish woman. i love irish so dont have a go at me :P. i have managed to get excel saga vol. 5 on dvd also ring 2 on dvd too, all for 5 pounds each, bargain! also i have new fone, its like bucks but a newer version with cam, yay. ermmmm and i cant remeber what else i got. lol but thats typical. oh... i got a nice purple butterfly clip thingie. woop. and i met bucks uncle, who's kool and his wife. and i have just found out that they used to be high school sweethearts, and they got married 3 years ago, how schweeeeet. also today i had j ring buck and we all had a quick chat with him, and i send my love. :) i need to get my new dancemat 2muro when i get home :) ermmm and ive gotta set summin up with sarah and/or ruth to go see madagascar at the cinema in staines. oh yeh and bowling, i met some more of bucks mates and i tlked to buddha and yay, im liked. though i was knackered yesterday and nerly didnt go at all. so yeh i met graham aswell and we got on v v well. ooo just stinky kittied in bucks chair teehheehee. so yeh anyway.....ermm we went to tescos and i got some yums yums. hehehe so all in all fun day :D have made up with peeps aswell.

oh yeh and i accidently sat in bird poop in the norwich city market. on the stone ledge *Embarrased*
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i wanna be a youth worker, hence partly why im gonna go to a local youth group near me to help and discapline the lil bleeders mwahahahaha. was thinking bout sometime setting up a youth counsellor ther, i.e ME :D. a kinda peer counsellor. its summin im thinking of doing when im better one day :) but until then il do as much as i can :)

anyway havent updated in ages, basically, ive had a bad eye, it stung soo much, finally figured out yesterday it must of been some grease on my fingers from maccy ds got rubbed into my eye by accident, because it had been itching because i hadnt slept well the night before, because of crappy benefit ppl. ah yes, thats right yep, the lil fuckers have lost my sick note and my old has run out, also theyve lost an important form for income support, then they tried to blame it on me. so they sent me another form which i have to send off... AGAIN. along with a copy of the sick note. i just hope they dont lose this one. but yeh im gtting nothing at all at the mo, im living off a mesily sum of £5 pw from my parents. thats to spend on anything i want at the weekend, im not a happy lil kitty. i feel about 10 again, with pocket money. i feel very digraded. and buck dont understand that. that i hate asking him for money at the weekend, coz i dont have much myself. and i know he dont have much himself. which makes me even more crappier.

so anyway, basically got down on my hands and needs, about gtting the new h.i.m dvd, and omg its soooo worth it. havent been able to watch it properly. but i think ville valo looked best with the short curly hair in a bob. omg THE SACRAMENT. best ever vid i think. that and join me in death. mmmm, tasty. but not with long hair, many ppl liked him with long hair but i thought it looked crap

and omg, im sooo missing foamy cartoons right now :( because of crappy internet, but hopefully with miscrosoft service pack 2 it should kill all the bleeding hackers on my computer, nicking stuff and planting stuff in my programs file. grrrr. and nothting gets rid of them. it sux.

oh and the first time in days i turn my msn on, and it works now, and guess who i get moaning to me how crap his life is. mr. stalker andy, with his, oh jacy, life sucks, i cant get a gf, i do nothing but drink, why dont ppl like me, waa waa waa. i got so fed up last time i just told him the truth, no one likes you coz you are a loser, you drink to much, your desperate for anyone to lve you which scares any girl off. you have mono eyebrow that distances girls from going anywhere near you. you moan constantly and YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE!!!

whhhhhhhhhhhy??? do i bother listening or even tlk to him??? you no why??? coz im a sap for lost souls and they dont come as lost as he is. believe me. and even when i try and palm him off to other ppl. he doesnt say one word to them. oooo arent i so special *glares* hes like a fucking limpet, a mouldy one. who do you get limpets off stones plz, prehaps i can get him off me.


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