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i dont get it, why does the government and everyone on about ppls weight and if they're over like size 12 , theyre gonna die from obesity. and then you have a barriage of diet books and exsercise dvds. i mean it gets to the point where you look at yourself in the mirror and you ask yourself, am i too fat?? and your inner bully says YES YOU ARE, YOU ARE JUST HUGE WHALE BLUBBER. so then you start starving yourself, eating every type of diet food ther is on the market, and you know you should sign up to that gym, or take that walk. but its like parading yourself in public, saying, yes im fat and im disgusting i need to lose weight. so its humiliating. but i spose if you go out with a friend aswell, its not so bad. i mean i tried it today, walking on my own up to the garage. and all the way ther, i was telling myself im fat, i need to lose weight. and then to get ther, turn around and walk bak, i felt like a twat. and why does it matter what strangers think of me, walking by huffing and puffing. and it, i get depressed if some of my jeans dont fit me anymore :S. and i feel sick when i look at my tummy hanging over my trousers. oh and ppl start asking you if you're expecting, i mean thats the cracker right ther. its like, ages ago, everyone were proud to be large and stuff. and they had campaigns like, big is beautiful.
its like, on tv, you have some skinny young perky things doing programmes about food is bad for you, its true, chicken, pork, meat in general, veggies, certain veggies, bread, milk, blha blah blah. its like, ok so what is ok to eat?? when does this stop, when near enough all the population is anorexic, and is that the next thing to battle?? thats a point, what about all the young teens and ppl who are skinny but think theyre fat, having all this garbage shoved down their throats all the time. no wonder everyone in this country is miserable, they look in the mirror and they hate themselves, because to them, they think they look ugly. but i think everyone is beautiful, its about the inside. and everyone is different. so instead i look in the mirror and i nod to myself, no matter how sad that sounds, and i smile, coz i accept myself for who i am, podge and all lol


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