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ahhhhh need the loo....

bastard dad going to bed early so im gona have my telly switched off for a lil while till he gts into bed then il turn it on, mwahahahah. but yeh watching family guy earlier made me think about buck more *everyone rolls their eyes* i no i no but he is my life and love of it aswell. i soooo love my panther poster really want the lesbian on a bed kissing one ive seen everywhere but i dont think my parents would b too plzed plus it would bring too many questions up.

ive eaten all my bourbon biccies, theyre actually quite addictive i hate the biccy part but love the paste but i guess thats a normal thing. meh.

ahhh i was watching 28days with sandra bullock, i love her, shes sooo brilliant as an actress, i love the ways she looks, i really wish i looked like her she is really pretty specially her eyes, now ppl who really no me, know that i have a huuuge fetish for eyes. specially blue eyes but meh, thats just off topic tlk, ermm yes i love her eyes. and i want a poster of her.

hint for ppl who r racking their brains for xmas pressie for moi, get poster :D

really looking forward to moving out next year, found out loads of stuff that i need to consider and it all clicks and i feel ready and confident about moving know, not like iuo....wots the word.....iuo, but i felt unconfident, thats it UNSURE, yes i was a lil unsure bout moving coz it sounded so complicated but man oh man i love connexions sometimes, crappy at gtting jobs, but in other things they are really helpful.

ive noticed lately i am day dreaming alot, just staring out windows or just comepletely zooming out and then coming bak with a bump, its quite unnerving

also i read in a mag today, fashion mag of all mags, before you start bitching i was waiting ther today in the waiting room for an hour i was boooored. but yeh it was an article about bushs war on women i love the womens slogan to protest with


love it lol. but yes me gt moneys tomurrow, yaaay lol, gotta see how much me gts lol. probably not much :( no good government benefit scheme.

i was thinkign today about mine and bucks wedding someday, still aint sunk in bout the engagement but i guess soon it will...
....oh btw i wont gt the ring till next week coz they was a mistake on the form :( booo, crappy company, soon i swear i will convert to living in the woods and communing with animals.

but anyway, wedding....i was thinking bout the party that you normally get after it and i was thinking bout allll the drunk ppl ther....could turn ugly lol hehheheh.

oh and another thing ive found my head bridesmaid *drum roll*......RUTH :D
congrats girl, oh and all my other brides maids and that you can wear dresses or suits, but the suits have to b white or cream, dresses can b white or cream again.

im still not sure about the colour of my dress, coz wel if we gt it done in winter i might go for white. but thats traditional and abit too traditionally but i was thinking of wearing knee high boots underneath and having an slit at the front of the skirt so you can see them, i fort that would b quite kool, coz i might have short hair then, boyish type style. eheeheh, iuo, but then i was thinking well if it was gonna b autumn which would b nice, then mayb a gold or bronze or even olive green, but i hate green so mayb not. or even cream. cream caould b nice coz i have such a pale complexion and i dont think thats gonna change any time soon. ive already gt an idea for photographer, my v own buddy photographer....CHANTAL!! yes i have volunteered her for that and she cant say no!!!


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