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so i had fun, housitting some dogs, they were soooooo cute and funny, hehehhheehe. it was good not to be moaned at. so relaxy. and i felt so at home. i really wanna get my own place now. :( im sick of living here, and im getting home sickness for norwich, even though home is in surrey (not by choice). and i probably wont b moving out till early part of next year apparently, coz buck and me are broke. :(
im so glum
glum glum glum

im also tired aswell
and missing buck v v v v v much, i was getting used to him being around all the time. but now he's back home and i miss him so. it dont feel right. he should be all snuggled next to me right now. *mooky face*

but...i did see mikey today, yay, the mikeyness and i got some anime stuffs and family guy film off of him and my belated bday pressie, even though im getting lax at bdays myself and i forgot to get him one, ooopsy. but yeh. its weird i love him but hate him. he's like my annoying lil brother kinda thing lol
hehehhe...thing lol. a kid ive always wanted a brother or i guess ive got one now :)

but yes doggies, rosie and holly, v playful lol. we got them some new squeaky ball toys while we were ther and they went nutty over them lol. which was funny as we could hear the squeaks all the way up to the bedroom when they were down in the livingroom lol. i was so sad to leave, but i got doggy kisses and cuddles lol. and i was itching to see my cats again....and when i came home, none of them wanted to know me :( so im beginning to miss the dogs.


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