Nov. 13th, 2012

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The other day, i was thinking about kids. And it made me want one. My own, not adopted. Don't get me wrong, i want to adopt. I think my baby clock is starting to tick, ha! 

Financially right now, it's not possible. As it would mean me being out of work for basically a year. I want to save up before that to tide me over. I think other than that, we would be fine. I want ideally be married beforehand, but, the older i get the harder it's going to be for me being higher at risk of miscarriage again. Weddings can be done at any age really with no bearing of the state of someones health. For me, it's a nice ceremony. But me and ben already have a marriage pretty much, we don't really need a piece of paper telling us so lol. We will have a wedding at some point, but it's not as important. It's one of those things you can move around. I do want to be able to drive and have a car, so that is my plan at the moment. Next year i start my lessons :)
As driving will open up more job opportunities as i can get driver jobs, and/or jobs abit further afield than now. 

I was watching sabrina the teenage witch earlier, on some girly kids channel, and it reminded me of my childhood, and then with the adverts, it kinda gave me an small insight into watching and playing games with my kid(s). Also lately, i've noticed a change in my attitude towards children, i'm not afraid or repulsed by them anymore. I like them lol. Which is odd. And babies have become sooooo uber cute. Which is definently strange, as i tend to think babies are bland and/or fugly! so.... yeh, grown up changes. wow. 


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