Apr. 23rd, 2012

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Is it bad that some nights i just want to sleep alone?


I have trouble sleeping (big surprise :p) and ben does. So consequently he's asleep way before me and he snores, an breathes heavily... Loudly. He also flings his arm about which ALWAYS collides with my head. And he rolls up ALL the duvet around himself leaving me with none. Which is annoying!

To make matters worse it takes me a long time to fall asleep and i get restless, tossing and turning. And i don't like people facing me in bed because i don't like the feeling of their breath on my skin. It makes me tetchy to say the least. So a lot of the time i have to wake him up to turn over which creates a lot of hargy bargy!

And then theres the sweating and the overheating problems!!

Some nights i just tell him to go in the living to sleep on the couch lol and not so shockingly i fall asleep faster. Sadly he gets all aireated about being kicked out of bed he cant get back to sleep, making me feel guilty the next day. Then when he goes back to his flat, i actually breathe a sigh of relaxed relief and go to sleep easier with the comfort of the whole bed and all the duvet to myself. Bliss.

Possible solutions:
Ear plugs
Sleeping bags
A straight jacket
A separate bed

Likelihood that any of these possible solutions will take place: 2%


They said it changes when the sun goes down
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