Apr. 8th, 2012


Apr. 8th, 2012 12:54 pm
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My birthday yesterday didn't start off so well sadly due to my mum waking me up by ringing my phone to have a go at me about bin bags. Yes - bin bags!! She couldn't find any to empty out the dirty sawdust in the guinea pig cage. So i asked ben and he said that there should be some under the sink. No. None there. So he said oh, we must be out of them then :( and she went BALLISTIC! "why didn't you check before you went away...you should've checked....they're going to have to be left till you come back, rarr rarr rarr blah blah blah"

Well... I just hung up on here then. I was half asleep and the last thing i wanted to hear upon waking up on my day of birth was my mum having a row with me about bin bags of all things!!

Before i went away i really struggle with my sleep disorder, worse than ever, i didn't know when i was going to sleep and wake, much worse than normal where i can kinda gage what part of the day/night i will. When i was younger i was able to come off the melatonin when my sleep pattern slipped and let it advance round to a more suitable part of the day/night to wake/sleep in. But because I've been taken melatonin for so long and i was stressed out by worrying, it wouldn't advance round, it just jumped all over the place.

Luckily it sorted itself out by sunday when i left to come here in cornwall.

But during that 1-2 weeks i couldn't do much, ben pretty much did it all - cleaning the flat, looking after the pets, packing, making sure i was eating right or even eating at all at one point, getting the shopping an pet supplies, etc. all of this whilst working shift work. I did what i could, but ben did the bulk. So i was quite impressed we only forgot the one thing.

Apparently though, it was two things because the heat light in the lizard tank had blown and we should've got a spare in just in case...

That could've been said for many things like, best get a spare fridge in in case my current one broke whilst away (!) but apparently that was being silly... O.o

So anyway, that set me in a bad mood for the first half of the day. I got some lovely presents though all cath kidston and cats themed which was quite funny when opening them all lol.

And then the mines we were going to, shut on saturdays!!! The one day out of the whole week and it had to be that particular day!! The ooonly day!!

So we went to the aquarium instead which was really good, we got to see some really weird and wonderful fish AND a couple of crocodiles and a turtle. The sharks were kool and the octopus and omg i love jellyfish and i got to see some baby ones, omg they were so cuuute.

Then afterwards we went into town and i got a few bits and pieces, including some wool. So am currently knitting a patchwork blanket :)

Also i must. Thank everyone for their lovely bday messages, they really cheered my up yesterday morning, damnit i love you guys!!

Say the first thing that
Comes into your head when you see me
If it looks like it works and it feels like it works
Then it works
With the sun on your face
All these worries will soon disappear
Just follow me now


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