Mar. 19th, 2012

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Ok, so i've promised you all, that i'd tell you what prompted the purposal and how i did it and what he said :)

Well, firstly he said yes :D

Secondly, i was commenting on [ profile] verdeleaf 's entry, i won't put about the entry, as it was a private thing :) 
But it did make me realise just how much i loved him, and how happy he makes me - just how much better he is compared to the others i've been with. And that simply, our relationship just works. And it's healthy and good, which is something i've never had before. With that, i realised that fuck the protecol, i want to marry this guy. 

So i asked him :)

That simple. 

I got down on one knee and took his hand, told him how happy he makes me and how much i love him and would he marry me.
He broke into a gorgeous smile and told me softly - of course i will, yes!
Kissed and cuddled and it was just a really nice evening afterwards. 

You guys and some of his work colleagues are the only ones who know at the moment, as it's not official until i get the ring and he completes the other part of the proposal. I've also got to speak to his dad. And ben needs to talk to my parents and his mum. So this will be happening next month, which is also the same month as our birthdays :)


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