Mar. 3rd, 2012

Far Away

Mar. 3rd, 2012 09:19 am
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Yeovil or weymouth are the two places I'm willing to travel to to live with ben if we were to move closer to his hometown of cornwall.

I feel that cornwall which is over 4 hours away (by car) is a bit of a too bigger jump for me to do from living here in my hometown, in which the furthest I've lived away have beeb a couple of towns away and even then i didn't like (though to be fair it was rough where i lived and i was very much alone).

Weymouth and yeovil are both equal distances from there to cornwall or surrey. So i would live two hours away from family and friends here and ben would also live two hours away from his family in cornwall. I think this would be an excellent compromise and its not all one way in favour of one person. I know he misses being back in cornwall and feels like a fish out of water here, but at the same time i would feel the exactly the same way if i lived there.

I was thinking that we could have a couple of weekends away to visit the areas and decide which we like best and has the better potential for us. I would like somewhere close to a lot of shops and where theres a lot of social things going on (lots of groups and clubs to join) - as my priority would be to make friends and have some sort of social life so I'm not housebound all the time - which is a fear I've got of happening again. And for ben it would be about if theres many branches of screwfix there or if theres other job potentials there for him. And obviously our joint priority is for it to be a nice, clean and quiet area.

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