Feb. 14th, 2012

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I had a dream the other day that i got a tattoo, it was a strange but rather awesome one. It had a planet in the middle and a black ring encircling it widely with a big black dot on one point of the ring. Like an atom. It was 3/4 on my chest and 1/4 on my neck. So it was rather big, but it looked rather kool. Though i remember in my dream i complained that it was a little too big. And it made me want to get another tattoo :)

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Can you believe it?!! I've got flu on valentines day - my favourite holiday and i get sick. But, ben, bless him took the day off and has been looking after me so well. He got me a lovely card and got a card from our pets too lol and we're picking out a pressie for me when I'm better as its something kinky and he didn't know my tastes and measurements. Last time i got a corset and it didn't fit me right, gorgeous and expensive but painful to wear lol. He said he couldn't do his original idea for a couple of reasons but I'm not allowed to know what it was and that it may happen on my bday in april instead. Points for guessing what that may be :p he liked my lil pressie of some hand-warmers with woolly covers over them for him to ise at work and a little choc racing car with a heart choccy in it, which he gave to me. He gave me a gently cuddle and kiss on the forehead and wished me a happy valentines. We were supposed to go to the science museum in london today for it, as we're both very geeky lol but being bedridden and smelling of vicks and olbas oil it flopped :( but he said when I'm better we'll go when he's got a day off :) i do love my ben. :D

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