Feb. 9th, 2012

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I would invite my grandparents and martin luthor king and dio :)

that would make one interesting dinner party.
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This entry is gonna take a long time to type, due to a very heavy Molly cat stubbornly sitting on my other arm.

Oh dear she did not like being moved lol.


Anyway, two friends i haven't heard from for a while contacted me today, which was really nice - till i learnt they're having a hard time in life. But still it was really good to here from them again. Meeting up with them soon.

I'm also glad to report that ben is back to norms. And that we've been looking at mortgages, looks like when he gets his bonus next month and sells his bike we'll have the deposit needed to get a mortgage on a one bed flat, which we would then rent out to people - and when he becomes manager then we can move in together and i'll have income from the flat we're renting out, so i won't be losing any money by losing my benefit when we move in together.

There seems to be hope for our future yet :)

A stream of numbers hit a screen
And you're expected to know what they mean
throughout the conflict I was serene 
I can't outrun the sadness I've seen


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