Apr. 24th, 2012 03:00 pm
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Wow, i just got called ignorant and uneducated :s

Haha. Erm. I don't think so. I love how its always the people who ARE ignorant and uneducated that always seem to think that other people are and they're not.

Here's why: i don't like reading on my lj about people cheating on other people. Its just not nice.

And i don't like reading about people enjoying drugs. I get that some people struggle with addictions and i sympathise with that. And also someones who's trying not to do it anymore. But from going out with two people who did weed, they fucked up my relationship with them by being jack asses when they were stoned. And the same with mu friends, when they're gone out with druggies they've all suffered because of it.

I've had depression in the past and it's not something i want thrown in my face day after day, it just rehashes it all up for me. I know people can't help it and we all experience from time to time, but after a while it does grate on you. I'm not meaning to be offensive so i'm sorry and kudos to those who are trying to make themselves come through the fog :) you go guys!
My mum is also bi-polar and i've had to deal with that all my life and with it she would turn from being fine to crying and getting angry with me over nothing an i would get hit around and called every name under the sun and when its all over, she would have memory lapses of what she did.

The 3rd and last thing was weight, i think you're beautiful, honestly and i don't think a single of you guys need to go on a diet. If you were clinically obese then yes, it's certainly a great idea, but you don't need to be a certain size to be beautiful and happy, you just need confidence :) and to realise how perfect you already are. I've been anorexic in the past due to childhood trauma some of it mentioned above and i really salute those who are trying to battle it and i do try to motivate people when they're struggling sometimes isn't want they want and i back off. But it's always to try and help support you in your fight.

All of this apparently makes me a ignorant, arrogant and uneducated, so, friends, romans, countrymen, does it?

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