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I am both an original story-writer and a fan-fictioner. 

My stand point on this is that, where George R.R. Martin says that fan-fiction is a lazy way of making creating your own story, it is actually very difficult if you're trying to stay true to the original storylines aswell as fixing in your own twist to it. I think you can use fan-fiction as a way to voice your own interpretation on the story and also it's a good way of trying out different genres. 

For a fictional writer to say 'i can't stand people writing fan-fiction about the stories i write', it's a silly way of saying 'i don't want fan appreciation'. If fans didn't appreciate you, then you would have fans, and then your books would not sell....

Common sense really. 

I commend and encourage people to try writing fan-fiction as a handy writing tool and exercise, because you have to put into a lot of thought and effort to make it work. After all writing is a craft. 

With my original stories, when they get published (am working on this, one is being edited and then published soon) i would love to hear that people are creating their own stories from it, and i would also love to read them and prehaps help people explore the art of writing fiction. Aslong as they didn't then try to publish and make money from the fan-fiction as that would be plagiarism. 

I would love to hear your fan-fiction ideas :)
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