Apr. 9th, 2012 10:32 pm
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This is the last night in cornwall before i go home tomorrow morning. It's really sad to think we'll be leaving, i do like it here. The scenery is really nice and i like his parents (especially his mum, she's awesome). I'm starting to get to know the area too, things are becoming familiar and i know vaguely how to get places. 

His mum said to me yesterday as i was making an owl cushion (photos coming soon) that she wished we lived nearer because then we could have craft days together, which really touched me. :)

And it started to make me think about living in cornwall. So ben, out to depress himself and out of curiousity, had a look to see what was available job wise around. He wants a job that will pay enough to support the both of us comfortably. He found an ideal job for himself in cornwall, in a pets at home store. Which is basically like a biiiiig chain pet supermarket. He really likes spending time on those stores, and it would've paid really well. But it was a position to be a manager, and he's only a assistant manager at the moment and he hasn't completed his training course with screwfix to be a branch manager. When he's completed that, then he can look for manager roles in different shops, but until then he can keep and eye out for branch manager position and apply for them with screwfix and his training would just follow him as it's the same company. But there's no suitable paying positions available atm :(

I am tired of my hometown and do want to move. But i know i would miss a lot of things and a lot of people aswell. 

But ben did tell me today that if he managed to get a job like the manager role in pets at home, he would be able to afford to pay for me to be able to drive and have a automatic car (as they're easier for me to use). It really brightened up my outlook of my future. Bless him. He said to me "That's why i've been telling you don't assume that our future will be bleak and nothing will change, because it will. So don't worry! You will be able to drive one day, we'll try what we can."

I'm super glad and happy i'm marrying this guy :D

We even looked at properties that are for sale around cornwall, couldn't find anything in his pay bracket for the moment. 

I've started to make a knitted patchwork blanket, i have 3 squares so far lol. And i've brought a whole load more wool today. The lady in the shop let me have a couple of loose beads for free, to help set me on my way with jewellery making. I have all the stuff waiting for me at home to crack on with it. So, yay, looking forward to that. 

Went to the chocolate factory today, i looooove their chocolate so nice. They do chocolate covered marshmallows!!!!
And i got a small easter egg from there too. YUM!! They mix the milk choc with the white choc, to create a marbling affect. So delicious!!

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