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This is my other cat molly. Or as we have come to call her Morry or Morriarty. Shes just over a year old now, we've had her since jan, but shes very quickly established herself in the home and family. Shes a calmer alternative to munchie... Except for when you have food.

Shes a gannet and will pester for food. She sticks her tongue out to meow.

At bedtime she has a routine, when I'm in bed and I'm reading a book with my knees bent, she comes and snuggles up to me on my tummy where she will then fall asleep purring.

This is the only time during the day she will purr.

She is obsessed with bread and have caught her at a packet of bread rolls with her biting away the plastic and eating the roll. This happens frequently. Only just last friday did i catch her skulking out of the kitchen with a pitta bread roll hanging from her mouth.

My only question is, why bread?

Its like with munchie, shes not a huge fan on meat, but she adores fruit. :s

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