Mar. 29th, 2012 07:53 am
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Ehehe had to be done :D
This is my very dignified and very floppy cat munchie.

I say shes floppy as she just like flopping herself down anywhere, like when shes on her scratching post she gets to the point where she cant be bothered to do that standin up so she anchors herself to the post and flops down to continue. When we pick her up, other cats may complain and go rigid, but she purrs and folds up into compact munchie form lol. She also enjoys car journeys - i kid you not!

And she has a proper curly tail that curls round into a spiral when shes happy. She also likes to pretend that shes a squirrels and puffs up her tail and runs up the side of doorways for fun.

She is fascinated by baths, especially bath water - she drips her paws in and also drinks it.

And shes half the size of my other cat, despite her being a year older. She doesnt meow properly either she meows like this:

Purp purp new, purp bip bip

It is rather adorable and also very much easier on the ear than Mollys MEOWWW!! *repeat until desired effect*

Also munchie has a crush on the lizard, if molly dares to go near her, she knocks her away and blocks all access. And she loves to watch ben feed her the crickets - she sits on his shoulder to watch very patiently.

Bless her :)

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