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I am finding it hard not to lose my temper with things arm :/

I know its a hormone thing, but still, its hard controlling it.

For example, today when out feeding the ducks with ben, this group of asian teenagers came and started chasing the swans around and kicked a duck up the bum, laughing a stupid laugh. A real moronic laugh!

So ben yelled "oi" at him and i nearly went ballistic, i called them dickheads and gave them evils, i had to stop myself from marching over to them and having a real go at them. Yeh, ok, they probably wouldn't have understood what i said, but i think they would get the tone and manner, not to mention the enfatic gesturing i would've made. You know what, i should've done it.

It made so angry because the ducks, geese and swans who flock to that park are very good natured and trusting. A lot of people come to the park to feed them. And theres a family of geese who currently go there each day to be fed, they have 4 little baby chicks with them and i worry for the father with people like those guys as if the father goose feels like his family are being threatened he chases the threat away by hissing and charging. The family have come to trust me and ben and come and huddle by us to be fed.

Just makes me so angry because people like that spoils it. We all have fond childhood memories of feeding the ducks as kids. I know i do. But the birds are not going to come to be fed if people like that keep on mistreating them.

Fucking retards! Hate them, hate them, hate them!!!!!

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