Mar. 10th, 2012 12:32 am
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I found a mailing list years ago with i first got diagnosed with n24, that was basically run by people who had either the same or similar condition. This over the years has helped me less alone and given me support and advice. I have also become very much involved with an organisation that sprung out from it in the US. This has helped me have some purpose in my life and ive written a couple of articles for them.

But recently there has been a guy from the uk on the list who claims he has n24 and has approached me about my benefits. What ones do i have, what medical references do i use. He also asked if he could have a copy of one of my hospital letters that explain about my condition but with the personal details taken out. I didnt like that idea and said no. I felt that he wouldve just stuck his name on it and used it for his claim. I gave him a vague description of what was included and told him he should really get his GP to refer him to a proper sleep specialist (he didnt say anythig back about this).

He then also tried to worry me into saying that his claim got denied and i mau have the same problem especially with the asessment interview and they are trying to get as many people back into work as possible. And what to expect. This of course distressed me. Apparently he's won his tribunal by giving an emotional plea of wanting to work. Something i have said many a time in posts, that i think he has used. I do think hes a fraudster looking to get benefits with putting the minimalist work into it. I think he has scoured the list and thought, oh this will be easy. Hes already managed to get some melatonin that i take and he says he can only use it in short durations occasionally. Otherwise he feels sick. I know that if a regular person takes melatonin who doesnt have any sleep problems this can cause a prrson to feel sick as there would be too much melatonin in your body.

It makes me angry that someone can use this condition as an excuse to do little work. To get 'free' money. And to think that hes actually won makes me feel sick.

Im think im going to notify people on the list that i think theres a fraudster on the list and look into the message archive to see if im right and what evidence there is.

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